Refuse to Wean, Then Get a Machine

I'm sorry, but I could not resist using that quote from an article from Canada's Globe & Mail. The article details the ruling of an Ontario Superior Court judge who told a mother that insisted on breastfeeding her child that she would either have to wean the child or use a breast pump in order to allow the father to have reasonable visitation with the parties' child. The mother had historically used a rigorous breastfeeding schedule to frustrate the father's time with the child. By the time the judge made the ruling, the child was 29 months old and still being breastfed. This case was actually reported by the American Bar Association as well. It actually not that rare of an occurrence.

Here in in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois, I have had cases involving mothers of infants who insist that they absolutely, positively must breastfeed their child. Speaking as a father of two healthy children, I completely agree that mother's milk is the way to go. I have read material from the La Leche League and talked to doctors, nurses, etc. over the course of presenting, defending and attacking such cases (one in which a mom actually wanted to breastfeed a child until they were five years old/starting kindergarten). The simple fact is this, the mother's desire to breastfeed must be carefully weighed against the father's right to bond with the child.

In the eyes of every judge I have had the issue before, whether male or female, they have all ruled the same, a child has a right to have a relationship with both parents. Like it or not, it is as it should be.