Kentucky is Still Considering Amanda's Law

The West Kentucky Star reports that the Kentucky Senate has passed a version of "Amanda's Law." This law expands the people who can file for a domestic violence order to include people who are merely in a dating relationship. Further, the version passed by the Kentucky House would allow judges to require ankle monitors for people who have a domestic violence order entered against them, which is a civil remedy and not a crime. The Senate's version limits the ankle monitor to those who have actually violated a domestic violence order which is crime and punishable as a Class A misdemeanor.

I believe the expansion of who may file a domestic violence order to be a mistake that will only increase the possibility that a law that many say is already abused will be further misused. Additionally, if you have ever seen someone in public wearing an ankle monitor you probably already realize the negative perception placed on that by the public. Requiring ankle monitors just because a domestic violence order has been entered against a person is far too onerous when no crime has actually been committed.

The push to pass this law comes from the tragic death of Amanda Ross. Her former boyfriend, and a former lawmaker, Steve Nunn is charged with her murder. Unfortunately, hard facts make bad law and this is another example.