He Wants a Divorce, I Want to Reconcile. Should I See a Divorce Attorney?

Often one spouse will move out of the home and the other spouse clings to hope that the marriage can be saved.  While I firmly believe that every effort should be made to save a marriage if it is at all possible, you still have to be prepared to protect yourself and your children.  Regardless of whether you actually want a divorce or not, once one spouse moves out of the home, it is very likely that a divorce will be filed.  When that happens it is much better to know your rights.

Your spouse may have already decided that divorce is the only option.  When he/she files for divorce, they may also ask the court to issue temporary ex parte orders or schedule hearings.  In that case, a consultation with a skilled family law attorney can educate you on steps you can take to safeguard your property rights and work toward building a case for custody of the children.  At your consultation, the attorney should be able to explain the law, issues that might come up in your case, and possible case strategies.    I discussed ten of the most important questions to ask when meeting with a prospective attorney in an earlier article.  That is an excellent starting point for a discussion with your prospective attorney.  You should also take time to write down any specific questions you have before your meeting so you are sure to get the information you need.  While there are many attorneys who offer a free initial consultation, many family law attorneys charge for an initial consultation so be prepared to pay for the time you spend with the attorney.

Even if you are not prepared to file for divorce yourself or you hope to reconcile with your spouse, one of the best things you can do is educate yourself about the process in which you find yourself.  If you have more questions, please contact us at the Alford Law Office.

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