How Can I Collect on a Child Support Judgment?

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When the court enters an order for child support, each payment becomes an enforceable judgment each month that those payments become due.  You may also ask the court to enter a specific order establishing a total arrearage amount.  Ideally, no arrearage would accumulate because Kentucky law requires that absent good cause not to, a wage assignment order is to be entered in child support cases.  Nevertheless, everyone knows people get behind in their child support for lots of reasons.

Once a child support order becomes an enforceable judgment, it can be collected in pretty much any other manner any other judgment may be collected.
The obligor's wages can be garnished.  His bank account can be seized.  You can request the sheriff to execute on her personal property (meaning that a deputy actually goes out, picks up a bunch of her stuff, sells it and sends you a check).  You can also pursue contempt and other sanctions against the obligor.  Once the obligor's arrearage gets to a certain level, it may be necessary to talk with the County Attorney's office about pursuing criminal charges.  The downside is that if the obligor is in jail, there is near zero chance of collecting any money from him/her.

If your ex refuses to pay his support obligation, contact the Alford Law Office to discuss your options.

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