Will My Child Custody Attorney Want to Speak With My Children?

A lawyer's office is not the most comfortable place for anyone to be, but it is particularly uncomfortable for children.  As a general rule, little good can come from your children talking to your lawyer.  While you may see your attorney as your champion going to battle for you, your child probably sees your attorney as someone playing a key role in his parents' divorce.
You can relate to your attorney any bit of information that your child may be able to provide.  From there, you and your attorney can decide how best to present that information to the court.  If there is no other way to present it, there are other ways to get the evidence to the judge.

Most experienced family law attorneys understand the burdens and frustrations children of divorcing parents experience.  They will advise their clients to shield the children as much as possible from the divorce litigation as a whole and the child custody litigation in particular.  If you have more questions or concerns, please contact the Alford Law Office.

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