Ten Commandments for Divorcing Parents

These are actually something I wrote years ago for a client pamphlet and then posted on our website. Nevertheless, it is excellent advice and bears repeating.

I. Thou shalt put thy child’s well-being above all other things
II. Thou shalt love your child
III. Thou shalt not interfere your child’s love of the other parent
IV. Thou shalt not discuss property, debt, maintenance or other divorce issues with your child (If you are stressed, talk to a counselor not your child)
V. Thou shalt not use your child as a messenger to your spouse
VI. Thou shalt not use your child to spy on your spouse
VII. Thou shalt not have a girlfriend/boyfriend during your divorce
VIII. If you ignore Commandment VII., thou shalt definitely not introduce your children to your new girlfriend/boyfriend during the divorce (but do not ignore Commandment VII)
IX. Thou shalt not spoil your child in an effort to buy his/her love

In case it was not clear, Commandment X is the most important of all of the Commandments.  If you have more questions, please contact the Alford Law Office.

Photo courtesy of George Banister

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